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About Vapor Hub

Vapor Hub is a well known company that is based in California and it also has retail branches in Chatsworth and Simi Valley. Vapor Hub specifically deals with the production of mechanical MOD eCigarettes. It has good quality innovative products that have led to its overall growth among vapor users. Vapor Hub is successfully rolling out its parent company’s additional extensions which are Flavors Vapor E-liquid, TacMods USA, Vapor Hub Lounge and Custom Mod Manufacture, so don’t forget to add our Vapor Hub coupon code to your next check out!

With the rate at which eCigarettes brands are now flooding the market it is quite awesome to see Vapor Hub trending and at a high speed too. Vapor Hub not only produces eCigarettes MOD devices it also produces other top quality solutions for real eCigarettes users but at higher premiums. However, this does not mean that some of their products are better than others. All their products are successful solutions to the original tobacco cigarettes.

AR Mechanical MODs

This is a product meant for advanced eCigarettes users since they have quite a huge supply of vapor production and vapor hits. As if that is not enough they have an amazing battery life. With AR MODS the best quality is the Cannon 26650 which happens to be the biggest part.

It comes with a 3500mAh battery, an aluminum body that makes it weigh less, copper contacts that can be adjusted depending on the temperature and a silver coated heavy duty spring. The MODs come in various versions and colors. The AR for instance comes in a 1.5 version that is smaller and lighter but still retains powerful battery versions with a power of 2600mAh, 2250mAh and 200mAh depending on the battery version you prefer.

Limitless Sleeve MODs

These are the ideal solution for new eCigarettes users and users who love adding some style to their system since they come with on/off sleeves. They come in quite a wide variety of materials and colors all of which are perfected to retain top quality performance.

They are readily available in copper and aluminum tubes. However copper tubes are a bit pricy as compared to aluminum tubes. Copper tubes also have fewer options to select from as compared to aluminum tubes.

E liquids

Vapor Hub also manufactures eLiquid products that come in quite a wide variety of flavors. With vapor Hubs eLiquid products you never have to worry about the devices overall performance or the battery life.

Vapor Hub Pros and Cons

One of the main reasons that make Vapor Hubs products the best in the market is the fact that Vapor Hub produces a wide variety of eCigarettes and eLiquids to select from and all their products are top quality rated. All their products are made in the USA and they also offer free shipping for all their products.

Vapor Hub has amazing discount offers, promo codes and coupons that help their customers save some money whenever they purchase their products but they are rarely available for their most craved mechanical MOD systems.

Vapor Hub also has high quality products that are always in demand and as a result their products are in most cases sold out.