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About Smokeless Image

 Electronic cigarettes in the market are getting their name, which is great because its an alternative to harmful regular cigarettes. Smokeless Image has proven to be one of the leading companies in the electronic cigarette industry. The company supports the thought of changing the consumer smoking habit to electronic cigarettes to avoid them being affected by any harsh chemicals. Today you can save exclusively on any of their products when you use the Smokeless Image coupon above.

Starter Kits

The company gives many different choices for starter kits, some of them include, Volt disposable Cigar having a price of $16.95, Volt Pack Kit of many flavora with 65mm LED rechargeable battery and flavor cartomizers that costs $9.95, the Volt Standard, Pro Starter and premium kit that starts at $22.95 and goes up to $44.95.


Smokeless Image gives you these batteries, Volt Battery Select at a price of $7.95, Volt X2 Battery Passthrough, the all new Volt X2 extra large battery that has starting price of $12.95, Volt Spinner Battery in Advanced that has variable voltage and costs $16.95, and battery accessories such as end caps, battery wraps and USB chargers that prices at $0.24 up to $7.95.


Smokeless Image also provides customers different flavor of cartomizers. They are priced reasonably and includes 555 Cartomizers that has sweet tobacco flavor, blank or no liquid cartomizers which flavor was only fill by the user with e-liquids depending on its preference that has a price of $5.95, Capuccino, Cherry, Chocolate, Grape, Country and lot of flavoured cartomizers that has the same price of $5.95.


They also gives different choices and flavors E-liquid such as, Cappuccino, Soho, Chocolate, Classic grape, Country, Dessert Joe, Freedom, Menthol, Mint, Vanilla, Watermelon, Cinnamon and many more choices that come from a 30 ml bottle.


Aside  from those mention above they also offers product accessories that includes Voltt Slider portable battery charging case that has unique features an sold at $17.95, a X2 Clearomizer Tip Replacement that comes in many colors for only $1.29, a key chain case for carrying cartomizers, eliquids and others at a discounted price of $3.99.

Choosing this product is a good idea as is the idea of switching to e-cigs. The company gives you total assurance of quality and affordability. Smokeless provide electronic cigarette products that are highly realistic and innovative and are well known for other e-cigarette user. It is always a good idea to risk trying something new; exploring things from others will give you more chances of getting the results you’ve want. So if you have not tried visiting Smokeless Image product well then maybe its time.