Njoy King Review

In this Njoy King review, you will learn about the brand, as well as the ordering options that are available to you when ordering. If you are looking for an elite e cig, with the look and feel of a tobacco cigarette, minus the smell, tar, and ash, this is the product for you to consider.

njoy king review

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Order options 

When ordering with Njoy, you have several package options to consider. Customers can order an individual e cig, you can order a 3 pack, 5 pack, 10 pack, or 20 pack varieties when placing the order on the site. When placing the order, you are also going to have the option to order the traditional bold flavor (tobacco), or you are going to be able to order menthol as well. And, you can decide on light or rich, depending on the level of nicotine that you want to order with each e cig order you place with Njoy.

No lighting or charging 
The Njoy king is a disposable e cig; you do not have to worry about lighters in order to use, and you do not have to worry about fully charging up the battery prior to being able to smoke them. Simply open the box upon receiving them, and you are going to enjoy the flavor blend that you decide on. And, as a part of the Njoy recycling program, when you are finished with these disposable e cigs, you can simply send them back in, and you will receive a discount towards a future purchase order that you are going to make.

njoy king

Flavor ordering 
When ordering the 20 pack option, customers can also order both of the flavors in this order; as they come in packs of five, you can mix and match, in order to be able to try both of the flavors, or you can order the menthol or tobacco individually if you prefer. With the larger, 10 and 20 pack options, you are going to save on the price per e cig that is included.

Why Njoy 
This brand is one of the closest to smoking a tobacco cigarette as it comes. They do not market to those who are looking for various flavors, or to fun design packs. Instead, they give you the nicotine that you want to enjoy, and you are going to receive the traditional tobacco or menthol flavor options, which are the two options available to those who are cigarette smokers. With the classic look, touch, and feel, and the fact that there is no plugging in and charging, you are going to feel as if you are smoking a cigarette, not an electronic cessation device.

If you have tried other brands and flavor blends, this is the ultimate in e cig smoking. Not only is it as close to tobacco cigarettes as it gets, you are also going to enjoy the simple packaging, the overall design of the e cig, and you are going to enjoy the lower pricing that is offered to the customer placing the order as well.