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Njoy Review

Njoy is a brand of electronic cigarette that is gaining popularity among smokers throughout the world. What’s unique about this e-cig brand is that fact that it appears and resembles the actual feel you can find in a regular cigarette. This is an excellent concept since it helps individuals get rid of the dangerous habit of smoking. To find out more about Njoy King, one of the bestselling models of this brand, read along and check out this review.

Njoy King Reviews: Key Facts about the Product

Njoy King cigarettes are advertised extensively in several states, and it continues to make waves among smokers throughout the world. Premium cigarettes in this model include several flavors such as traditional bold, traditional gold, menthol bold and menthol gold. The “Bold” varieties contain a high amount of nicotine at 4.5 percent while Gold has 3 percent nicotine.

King electronic cigarettes are available on the company’s official website as three pieces in one pack, which costs $26.97. These are also sold in drugstores, as well as other locations where you can buy traditional cigarettes. Although other brands are more widely available, it is possible for you to purchase Njoy in various places in the country and other parts of the world.

When you visit the company’s website, you can find a rechargeable express kit priced at $21.99. What’s great about this kit is the complete items included such as one rechargeable e-cig battery, a menthol or traditional cartridge refill with 1.8 percent nicotine level, and a USB charger.

The King Premium kit is quite economical, and the disposable electronic cigarette by Njoy is also affordable at only $8 per piece. If you think about it, buying electronic cigarettes by Njoy is still a practical choice since they cost cheaper than a standard pack of your regular cigarettes. Reusable ones are more cost-effective, though, than disposable electronic cigarettes since refills are much cheaper.

Taste and Flavor Varieties

Njoy has a few flavor options that you can choose from, and this may matter a great deal for some who still have not decided on the kind of flavor that they should try. You may prefer classic flavors such as tobacco, although some may want exotic and extraordinary ones that are not usually found in regular cigarettes.

Another thing that you will appreciate about Njoy King is the feel of holding this electronic cigarette between your fingers. In fact, you will be amazed by the fact that holding it feels and looks like a real cigarette. It is slim and not very long, so vaping in public becomes more comfortable. You do not have to feel awkward as you vape since this smoking device does not have much difference from a regular cigarette in terms of physical appearance.

Bottom Line

Overall, Njoy is a fine choice for most vapers out there. The look, feel, and extensive selection of flavor and design will suit your needs and standards. Each time you pull on this e-cig brand, you will discover the electronic tip glows a bright orange color, which exudes an authentic cigarette look. With the economical price and great features of this product, the Njoy King is indeed a great buy for you.