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Njoy Review

Njoy is a brand of electronic cigarette that is gaining popularity among smokers throughout the world. What’s unique about this e-cig brand is that fact that it appears and resembles the actual feel you can find in a regular cigarette. This is an excellent concept since it helps individuals get rid of the dangerous habit of smoking. To find out more about Njoy King, one of the bestselling models of this brand, read along and check out this review.

Njoy King Reviews: Key Facts about the Product

Njoy King cigarettes are advertised extensively in several states, and it continues to make waves among smokers throughout the world. Premium cigarettes in this model include several flavors such as traditional bold, traditional gold, menthol bold and menthol gold. The “Bold” varieties contain a high amount of nicotine at 4.5 percent while Gold has 3 percent nicotine.

King electronic cigarettes are available on the company’s official website as three pieces in one pack, which costs $26.97. These are also sold in drugstores, as well as other locations where you can buy traditional cigarettes. Although other brands are more widely available, it is possible for you to purchase Njoy in various places in the country and other parts of the world.

When you visit the company’s website, you can find a rechargeable express kit priced at $21.99. What’s great about this kit is the complete items included such as one rechargeable e-cig battery, a menthol or traditional cartridge refill with 1.8 percent nicotine level, and a USB charger.

The King Premium kit is quite economical, and the disposable electronic cigarette by Njoy is also affordable at only $8 per piece. If you think about it, buying electronic cigarettes by Njoy is still a practical choice since they cost cheaper than a standard pack of your regular cigarettes. Reusable ones are more cost-effective, though, than disposable electronic cigarettes since refills are much cheaper.

Taste and Flavor Varieties

Njoy has a few flavor options that you can choose from, and this may matter a great deal for some who still have not decided on the kind of flavor that they should try. You may prefer classic flavors such as tobacco, although some may want exotic and extraordinary ones that are not usually found in regular cigarettes.

Another thing that you will appreciate about Njoy King is the feel of holding this electronic cigarette between your fingers. In fact, you will be amazed by the fact that holding it feels and looks like a real cigarette. It is slim and not very long, so vaping in public becomes more comfortable. You do not have to feel awkward as you vape since this smoking device does not have much difference from a regular cigarette in terms of physical appearance.

Bottom Line

Overall, Njoy is a fine choice for most vapers out there. The look, feel, and extensive selection of flavor and design will suit your needs and standards. Each time you pull on this e-cig brand, you will discover the electronic tip glows a bright orange color, which exudes an authentic cigarette look. With the economical price and great features of this product, the Njoy King is indeed a great buy for you.

Vaporin Review


Vaporin is a well known electronic cigarette company based in Miami, Florida. The company offers an excellent range of e-Cig starter kits and e-Cig vaporizer kits. The company also sells both cartridge cartomizers and flavored e-Liquid. In this review you can learn more about this company and the electronic cigarette products that it sells.

Starter Kits Sold By Vaporin

Vaporin sells a wide range of starter kits. The kits sold by Vaporin include the original, on the go, premium, signature, signature kit for her, premium black and menthol on the go. Below you can find a more in depth description of each of these kits.

Original Kit – As the name suggests this is the kit that started the Vaporin brand. Included in the kit is seven nicotine cartridges, two batteries, a wall charger, a USB charger and a manual.

On The Go Kit – The on the go kit is designed for busy people and those traveling. Included in the kit are one battery, one cartomizer, one USB charger and a manual.

Premium Kit – The premium kit provides an enhanced experience for its users. Inside of the kit are one charge pack, five cartridge cartomizers, one USB charger, one wall adapter and two batteries.

Signature Kit – The signature kit is specifically designed for new electronic cigarette users. The kit contains ten cartridge cartomizers, two natural color cartridges, two batteries, a USB charger and a wall charger.

Premium Black Kit – The premium black kit is an all black electronic cigarette which is perfect for stealth vaping. If you want to enjoy your electronic cigarette without drawing attention to yourself then you should opt for the premium black kit. Inside are two batteries, one charge pack, a wall adapter, a USB charger, a manual and five cartridge cartomizers.

Signature Kit For Her – This kit is made with the female buyer in mind. The kit include two batteries, two natural color cartridges, two cartomizers, one USB charger and a wall adapter.

Menthol On The Go Kit – The menthol on the go kit is a small but affordable kit designed to fit in your pocket. Included are two menthol cartridge cartomizers, one battery, one USB charger and one manual.

Nicotine Flavors Sold By Vaporin

Vaporin sells ten different nicotine flavors. These flavors include Pina Coloda, Classic Tobacco, Cherry, Apple, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Peach, Strawberry, Menthol and Regular Tobacco.

Warranties and Guarantees Offered By Vaporin

Vaporin provides a lifetime warranty on all of its products excluding the liquid cartridges. It also offers a thirty day money back guarantee on its starter kits. During this thirty day period you can return your starter kit for a full refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Overall Recommendation

Vaporin is a good choice for both new and experienced electronic cigarette users. The company sells an excellent range of products and accessories all of which are backed by its lifetime warranty. The thirty day guarantee also means that if you see something you like amongst their extensive range then there really is no reason not to try it out for yourself.

Njoy King Review

In this Njoy King review, you will learn about the brand, as well as the ordering options that are available to you when ordering. If you are looking for an elite e cig, with the look and feel of a tobacco cigarette, minus the smell, tar, and ash, this is the product for you to consider.

njoy king review

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Order options 

When ordering with Njoy, you have several package options to consider. Customers can order an individual e cig, you can order a 3 pack, 5 pack, 10 pack, or 20 pack varieties when placing the order on the site. When placing the order, you are also going to have the option to order the traditional bold flavor (tobacco), or you are going to be able to order menthol as well. And, you can decide on light or rich, depending on the level of nicotine that you want to order with each e cig order you place with Njoy.

No lighting or charging 
The Njoy king is a disposable e cig; you do not have to worry about lighters in order to use, and you do not have to worry about fully charging up the battery prior to being able to smoke them. Simply open the box upon receiving them, and you are going to enjoy the flavor blend that you decide on. And, as a part of the Njoy recycling program, when you are finished with these disposable e cigs, you can simply send them back in, and you will receive a discount towards a future purchase order that you are going to make.

njoy king

Flavor ordering 
When ordering the 20 pack option, customers can also order both of the flavors in this order; as they come in packs of five, you can mix and match, in order to be able to try both of the flavors, or you can order the menthol or tobacco individually if you prefer. With the larger, 10 and 20 pack options, you are going to save on the price per e cig that is included.

Why Njoy 
This brand is one of the closest to smoking a tobacco cigarette as it comes. They do not market to those who are looking for various flavors, or to fun design packs. Instead, they give you the nicotine that you want to enjoy, and you are going to receive the traditional tobacco or menthol flavor options, which are the two options available to those who are cigarette smokers. With the classic look, touch, and feel, and the fact that there is no plugging in and charging, you are going to feel as if you are smoking a cigarette, not an electronic cessation device.

If you have tried other brands and flavor blends, this is the ultimate in e cig smoking. Not only is it as close to tobacco cigarettes as it gets, you are also going to enjoy the simple packaging, the overall design of the e cig, and you are going to enjoy the lower pricing that is offered to the customer placing the order as well.

Halo E-Cigs Coupon

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                                                   Halo Cigs Company Review

The new year is approaching. This is the best time to create our New Year plans for a better future. When you decide to stop smoking conventional cigarette, by using e-cigs, then you have made the wisest decision that may even save your life and your pocket as well.

Though there are many electronic cigarettes throughout the world wide web, not all of them can deliver the best features that are worth your budget. It is strongly recommended to buy only

It is strongly recommended to buy only high quality electronic cigarettes, with the most reasonable prices, instead of the cheapest one. So, why not trying special offers from Halo E-Cigs?

Keep in mind that Halo E-Cigs discount coupons are not only available this month. What you need to do is stay updated with the latest offers in a monthly basis. This December, you don’t only get exclusive coupons for all kinds of order, but you can choose any of the products Halo offers.

Coupons from Similar Stores:

Black Note coupon: Get a Free 30ML bottle of Black Note’s tobacco e-juice plus free shipping on your order. Black Note has some of the best tobacco flavor e-liquids that are naturally extracted and taste very authentic.

This December, you don’t only get exclusive coupons for all kinds of order, but you can choose any of the best selling Halo E-Cigs products like the New High VG, Triton Starter Kit, the New Reactor, and even Regular Tribeca E Liquid and so forth.

Check the latest offers that will an endless benefit for you. Halo E-Cigs brings lots of discounts and special prices for new customers. If you are one of those new kids on the block, then you will be lucky to get 20% off for various kinds of starter kits from Tracer, Triton, G6, and so forth. You can even get free Kringle’s Curse E Liquid if you make orders above $50.

If you are one of those new kids on the block, then you will be lucky to get 20% off for various kinds of starter kits from Tracer, Triton, G6, and so forth. You can even get free Kringle’s Curse E Liquid if you make orders above $50.

There are endless offers for you in the next year. All you have to do is bookmark our page to get the latest discounts. You will not feel disappointed on most product that Halo E-Cigs offer.

We have been using this product for years, so every review that we make is definitely dependable.

We’d love to share good things for everyone, because everyone deserves to stay healthy and free from hazardous risks that tobacco cigarettes cause.

Nicoticket Coupon

20 % Off — Nicoticket Coupon

Nicoticket Coupon

Nicoticket coupon

                                                   Nicoticket Review

As a beginner in electronic cigarettes smoking, you may be confused as to which brand to begin with given that there are so many brands out there. It may also be difficult to test out which company is the best and which offers quality products. But looking at the long days you spend at work every day morning to evening working hard and sometimes getting a headache and sometimes being too tired to move is when Nicotecket coupons can help. It is difficult to make money and then see it all spent in ways that are irrational.

This is the main reason you should buy e-liquids from a company that knows how to balance the flavors in just the right way and who will take your hard earned money and allow you to have quality products.

A company great company, Nicoticket is one that understands the pain of earning money in the economy of the world today. With this knowledge this company will try and make its products not only high quality but the products will also be affordable so that you will feel like the company is doing you a favor. As a beginner this is what you are looking for.

After many years of running a business and trying to get clients, it understands what it feels like to have extremely high prices imposed on hard working individuals causing strife and exhaustion.

While it may not be able to give you the products completely free- how will they make their ends meet if they do- they will make the prices so affordable you can buy as many items as you want without feeling strained.

To add on this, Nicoticket is now offering its clients coupons. The Nicoticket coupons are available not just for the starting customer, r the one who has been with the company longest, they are being offered to anyone who wished to begin their festivities in style. Anyone who needs to save up a little money for other things. It is he company’s way of showing you just how much the appreciate your hard work.

Angel Cigs Coupon

20 % Off — Angel Cigs Coupon

Angel Cigs

Angel Cigs coupon

                                                    AngelCigs Review

If you’re intrigued by getting electronic cigarette gear at profoundly marked down costs you have to look at Angel Cigs. They offer costs that are generally comparable to Chinese suppliers like Fasttech and Focal eCig, yet as opposed to transporting from China they deliver a significant number of there items from a USA distribution center.

Purchasing at Angle Cig additionally has a huge amount of different advantages. For instance, they offer clients a 30 day cash back certification on the items. At the point when the item is sent back inside of 30 days of procurement, a discount will be issued. There is likewise a guarantee time of 5 days DOA (dead on entry) for the things acquired here.

To have the capacity to offer the most minimal costs conceivable Angel Cigs purchases wholesale from China and boats them to be put away in a distribution center based inside the United States.That empowers to offer quick and free sending (on requests over $15) to it’s United States clients.

                                                  Profound Discounts

At Angelcigs, they offer an exceptional Daily Deals or Happy Hour include that is offered only to its clients. Consistently they offer new items at really marked down costs in restricted amounts and temporarily. Up to three items will be shown in the day by day arrangements segment at once and the starting time is posted for each of them.

At the point when the items are sold out, new things will supplant them and another party time cycle begins. By checking this segment consistently you can locate some astounding arrangements like a 26650 mechanical mod for $14.99 or a Kayfun v3.1 RBA for just $19.99.

                                    Phenomenal Customer Service

Fulfilling clients is the most extreme wish of each business and this is done remarkably at Angel Cigs. The client bolster administration can be reached whenever by means of email.

Smokeless Image Coupon

20 % Off — Smokeless Image Coupon


Smokeless Image coupon


About Smokeless Image

 Electronic cigarettes in the market are getting their name, which is great because its an alternative to harmful regular cigarettes. Smokeless Image has proven to be one of the leading companies in the electronic cigarette industry. The company supports the thought of changing the consumer smoking habit to electronic cigarettes to avoid them being affected by any harsh chemicals. Today you can save exclusively on any of their products when you use the Smokeless Image coupon above.

Starter Kits

The company gives many different choices for starter kits, some of them include, Volt disposable Cigar having a price of $16.95, Volt Pack Kit of many flavora with 65mm LED rechargeable battery and flavor cartomizers that costs $9.95, the Volt Standard, Pro Starter and premium kit that starts at $22.95 and goes up to $44.95.


Smokeless Image gives you these batteries, Volt Battery Select at a price of $7.95, Volt X2 Battery Passthrough, the all new Volt X2 extra large battery that has starting price of $12.95, Volt Spinner Battery in Advanced that has variable voltage and costs $16.95, and battery accessories such as end caps, battery wraps and USB chargers that prices at $0.24 up to $7.95.


Smokeless Image also provides customers different flavor of cartomizers. They are priced reasonably and includes 555 Cartomizers that has sweet tobacco flavor, blank or no liquid cartomizers which flavor was only fill by the user with e-liquids depending on its preference that has a price of $5.95, Capuccino, Cherry, Chocolate, Grape, Country and lot of flavoured cartomizers that has the same price of $5.95.


They also gives different choices and flavors E-liquid such as, Cappuccino, Soho, Chocolate, Classic grape, Country, Dessert Joe, Freedom, Menthol, Mint, Vanilla, Watermelon, Cinnamon and many more choices that come from a 30 ml bottle.


Aside  from those mention above they also offers product accessories that includes Voltt Slider portable battery charging case that has unique features an sold at $17.95, a X2 Clearomizer Tip Replacement that comes in many colors for only $1.29, a key chain case for carrying cartomizers, eliquids and others at a discounted price of $3.99.

Choosing this product is a good idea as is the idea of switching to e-cigs. The company gives you total assurance of quality and affordability. Smokeless provide electronic cigarette products that are highly realistic and innovative and are well known for other e-cigarette user. It is always a good idea to risk trying something new; exploring things from others will give you more chances of getting the results you’ve want. So if you have not tried visiting Smokeless Image product well then maybe its time.

Vapor Hub Coupon

40 % Off E-liquids — Vapor Hub Coupon 


Vapor Hub coupon

About Vapor Hub

Vapor Hub is a well known company that is based in California and it also has retail branches in Chatsworth and Simi Valley. Vapor Hub specifically deals with the production of mechanical MOD eCigarettes. It has good quality innovative products that have led to its overall growth among vapor users. Vapor Hub is successfully rolling out its parent company’s additional extensions which are Flavors Vapor E-liquid, TacMods USA, Vapor Hub Lounge and Custom Mod Manufacture, so don’t forget to add our Vapor Hub coupon code to your next check out!

With the rate at which eCigarettes brands are now flooding the market it is quite awesome to see Vapor Hub trending and at a high speed too. Vapor Hub not only produces eCigarettes MOD devices it also produces other top quality solutions for real eCigarettes users but at higher premiums. However, this does not mean that some of their products are better than others. All their products are successful solutions to the original tobacco cigarettes.

AR Mechanical MODs

This is a product meant for advanced eCigarettes users since they have quite a huge supply of vapor production and vapor hits. As if that is not enough they have an amazing battery life. With AR MODS the best quality is the Cannon 26650 which happens to be the biggest part.

It comes with a 3500mAh battery, an aluminum body that makes it weigh less, copper contacts that can be adjusted depending on the temperature and a silver coated heavy duty spring. The MODs come in various versions and colors. The AR for instance comes in a 1.5 version that is smaller and lighter but still retains powerful battery versions with a power of 2600mAh, 2250mAh and 200mAh depending on the battery version you prefer.

Limitless Sleeve MODs

These are the ideal solution for new eCigarettes users and users who love adding some style to their system since they come with on/off sleeves. They come in quite a wide variety of materials and colors all of which are perfected to retain top quality performance.

They are readily available in copper and aluminum tubes. However copper tubes are a bit pricy as compared to aluminum tubes. Copper tubes also have fewer options to select from as compared to aluminum tubes.

E liquids

Vapor Hub also manufactures eLiquid products that come in quite a wide variety of flavors. With vapor Hubs eLiquid products you never have to worry about the devices overall performance or the battery life.

Vapor Hub Pros and Cons

One of the main reasons that make Vapor Hubs products the best in the market is the fact that Vapor Hub produces a wide variety of eCigarettes and eLiquids to select from and all their products are top quality rated. All their products are made in the USA and they also offer free shipping for all their products.

Vapor Hub has amazing discount offers, promo codes and coupons that help their customers save some money whenever they purchase their products but they are rarely available for their most craved mechanical MOD systems.

Vapor Hub also has high quality products that are always in demand and as a result their products are in most cases sold out.